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PT. Inti Presisi Toolsindo was founded in Singapore in 1995 under the name Riso Seiki (S) Pte Ltd. Operating out of a small workshop with a staff of three, we soon began to expand rapidly.
Investment in the best high tech European machinery was paying dividens as demand from the Aerospace and Electronic Industries for our quality precision tools increased.

Recognising the opportunities available overseas, we expanded into Indonesia in the year 2000 and diversified our portfolio to meet the needs of the country's growing Automotive industry.
in 2005, we moved our entire production facility to Indonesia to take advantage of lower labour and operation costs.

Today we are one of the leading suppliers of precision tools for the Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive Industries.


To enhance our customers productivity through the design and supply of quality precision tools made to exact specifications

To be recognised globally as one of the precision tool maker of choice for the Aerospace, Electronics and Automotive Industries

Lusy Wirawan : Komisaris

Janthi : Director


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