PT. Inti Presisi Toolsindo

" Your Precision Partner "

Our design and manufacturing process

We have invested in the highest-quality precision machines from Germany, Switzerland and Japan to ensure our tools are designed and manufactured to an exacting degree of accuracy and the highest standards.

Designed to exact specifications

Your manufacturing process begins by inputting the exact design specifications of your tool into our design software. This detailed documentation is then transferred to our high precision grinding machines.

Size matters

Our machines can handle the most complex forms and deliver a precise blank every time while minimising the amount of raw material used. This allows us to pass significant cost savings on to you.

Cut to perfection

When serving industries that require small cuts down to nano-specifications, every cut counts. We have invested in the best machines to ensure the tools we manufacture are cut to the highest precision, even for the most complex designs.

Quality control

Each of the tools we manufacture is inspected through a rigorous quality control process before being approved for dispatch. Our laser marking serves as a seal of quality approval for our customers and as a method of traceability for us.


Your Partner in Precision Tool Design