PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo melawan Covid – 19 Part I

Online Break Fasting with PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo 2020
17th May 2020
PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo Are Ready For Zoom Meeting Online
12th June 2020

The social service event held by PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo on May 17, 2020 is a form of corporate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), this event was supported by donations from the Commissioners, Directors, Management and all employees of PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo.

The distribution area covers North Cikarang, South Cikarang, West Cikarang, East Cikarang, Cikarang Baru and Cikarang Pusat which are divided into 5 teams to distribute 150 food packages.

Hopefully this event can ease the economic burden felt by the small community in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic which has plagued almost all countries in the world since December 2019,

I hope this event will also benefit us all to remember how important sharing is, not just for them, but for all of us.

Always success PT Inti Presisi Toolsindo!


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